Weather Station V2.0
For Drag Racers - predict your dial-in or throttle stop settings accurately. Save your runs in a database for future predictions and reference. Multiple database capability, search facility, notes section and ability to 'fine tune' the predictors to suit your car!
Gerotor Design Studio
Unique CAD / CAM software for the design, modelling and manufacture of gerotor pumping elements (as used in many oil and hydraulic pumps). Create designs in minutes to suit your specific requirements. VERSION 2.0 OUT NOW!! - Create porting designs and analyse your projects on the desktop!.
Crank Balance Assistant
Balancing a V8 crankshaft (dual plane)? This program will help you sort your piston / rod assemblies to get the best balance from your current components.
Compression Ratio Calculator
Simple tool for the calculation of compression ratio in an internal combustion engine. Works in English and Metric units, also accounts for the 'dead area' around the piston crown.
Cutter Speed Converter
Converts catalogue feed rates into machine feed rates for ease of programming CNC machines.
Units Converter
Converts units of measurement for many engineering properties (pressure, density, flow rates, etc). Note: This software was not developed by Maverick Racing.
Nascar Racing Tracks & Utilities
Tracks, utilities, cars, etc for the best racing simulation on the market - Nascar Racing by Papyrus.


In this section of our website you can browse and download software we produce ourselves. The table above shows the available software. Simply click on the name of the program you would like to know more about.

All of our software is free to download and use. Some programs have limited usage before a registration key is required. If your program requires a registration key, you can buy one on-line through our secure server (click the link on the appropriate page for your software). You will then receive your registration key via email, giving you instant access to your software. Registering also gives you access to technical support and discounts on future products.

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