Maverick Racing Products was founded in 1995 by UK Super Gas racer Simon Oxberry. The company's motto was 'Sportsman Products for Sportsman Racers at Sportsman Prices' and this still holds true today.

MRP's first products included:

A weather station system aimed at racers who didn't have computers at the race tracks (it used data sheets instead of a computer to calculate dial-ins)

A Trans-Brake Safety switch (now discontinued) which prevented re-engaging of the trans-brake after leaving the start line.

A series of temperature monitoring packages, all aimed at the sportsman racer.

The Mechanix Wear range of pit apparel (we are no longer a dealer for Mechanix Wear).

A weather station database program was written soon after to compliment the weather station systems. It enabled racers who did take computers to the race track to obtain altitude and dial-in information very quickly as well as be able to keep a log of all runs made. It also allowed racers not taking computers to the track to be able to keep a log of all runs on their home PC.

In 1997 the company became a Limited company (incorporated) and changed its name to Maverick Racing Ltd. As well as supplying products to racers Worldwide it also supplied engineering expertise to Ford Motor Company, Rover Group Ltd, BMW Group and Bentley Motors Ltd.

In 2000 a new version of the Weather Station Database program was released which allowed the user to be able to store more information and to tailor the program to their own race vehicle(s).

In 2002 the Gerotor Design Studio was released, enabling engineers to design and manufacture gerotor pumping elements quickly and efficiently. This software has become very popular and is now in use Worldwide by many industries including aerospace, oil pump manufacturers, Formula 1 and other motorsport engineering companies.

In early 2003 Designa Database was released. This easy to use software allows the creation of bespoke database applications which can then be distributed to other users, without having knowledge of any programming skills.